We know how hard it is to create and maintain a brand. We've been through it, as well.
When we created Angry Ant Media in 2007, we quickly needed an entity that could serve our first client, the acclaimed UK creative agency devilfish (now Wonderful Content). Taking the childhood nickname of Swedish co-founder Maria Grund, Angry Ant was born. Our audience was 50-50; there were those who loved it, and others who would ask, 'why is your aunt so angry?'
Over the next decade, we learned firsthand the commitment necessary to maintain a brand, and to allow it to be the bedrock of a company. While work can expand, pivot, and reinvent, the brand is what allows a company to always stay grounded, and maintain a mission. No matter what kind of project we've taken on, we've always made sure to be furious when it comes to our creativity, standards, and practices.
So when we help you create or refine your brand, you really do have 12 years of first hand experience, and we will treat you with the same respect we discovered for ourselves.
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