March 2020: Please be safe out there. We work remotely for a majority of our clients, and will continue our operations. 
February 2020: We're so proud to add Revman International to our client list. The company is a groundbreaking developer of a range of home goods (brands include Betsey Johnson, Ivory Ella, Ellen Degeneres, Poppy & Fritz, and more).
January 2020: We're now consulting for Doodlematic - an incredible app that allows kids to create their own videogames on the fly!
December 2019: We're wrapping up the main cast recordings for The Leviathan Chronicles!
June 2019: We just completed an advertorial for the City of Tokyo which will appear in the print version of AFAR.
March 2019: We signed SUIFULL as a client! This innovative technology from Japan is one of the best ways to create hydrogen infused water - a big health trend in Japan that is making its way here. We'll be managing their entire entry into the US Market.
February 2019: We signed ProtecSpine North America as a client! This system is making waves in the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy industries, and we will be handing their social media and print marketing.
January 2019: We've landed in Los Angeles! As we open up our services here, we look forward to meeting you!
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