With our entertainment background, we've done it all. From directing actors in classical productions for the stage to children for television commercials, we can adapt to any task and guide productions of mere seconds to hours with ease. And the results can surprise you.
Just ask the NYC Department of Health, that started with an idea to promote drinking water to be delivered on the web. We developed the concept in a way that made it a contender for television - and it performed beyond expectations. 'The Leviathan Chronicles', a groundbreaking podcast that was recently cited by a BBC study as the epicenter of the new wave of audio drama, is something we've directed and helped shape for a decade.
We also believe in the proverb of 'teach someone to fish, and they can eat for life'. We train small companies that don't have a media budget to invest back into themselves, obtain the right equipment, and learn the basics of filmmaking so that they can keep full control of their image.
Below are just some of the clients who have benefitted from our experience:
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