Client: Terra Foods Japan
In 2014, Angry Ant Media was engaged by Terra Foods, Inc. Japan to brand a US-based initiative that would promote its patented non-oil potato chip making process. This revolutionary technology forgoes traditional additives and preservatives and makes it possible for those with sensitive digestive systems to enjoy delicious snacks. 
Given the task of making WxY Foods Company a viable brand, Angry Ant Media forged the US business plan and marketing strategy, worked on designing the logo, planned and directed a B2B industrial video in Japan, and created the official company website.  
After the successful project, Angry Ant Media director Nobi Nakanishi was asked to act as Managing Interim Director to further promote WxY Foods and Terra Foods Japan. During his tenure, Nobi brokered a deal with a major US snacks company for a profitable test market run, and made in-roads with numerous more. During this time, Terra Foods reached production capacity, and currently is seeking to expand its production facilities in Japan. 
As a Consulting Director, Nobi continues to advise the company and has most recently began plans to enter the India market with strategic partner Vikasa Holdings. 
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