Client: City of Tokyo / Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau / Japan Solution
'TOKYO TOKYO: OLD MEETS NEW'  is a 2018 - 2020 campaign  created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to showcase and reinforce Tokyo’s reputation as a  premier destination for tourism. 
Angry Ant Media was tapped by the New York branch of the Tokyo Tourism and Visitors Bureau (TCVB) as lead writer for its outreach projects, due to his outstanding reputation for writing, translation, and localization. He currently manages the bi-weekly email newsletter  ‘TOKYO BEAT’, the monthly ‘TOKYO BEAT EXTRA’, advertorials for outlets such as DEPARTURES Magazine, AFAR magazine, as well as  various articles, press releases, invitations, web copy, and more. 
Angry Ant Media's years of combined copywriting and creative directing experience allows the firm to understand projects from both macro and micro perspectives, and has made it a go-to resource for effective copy. Our experience with  the nuances of the Japanese language paired with masterful native English skills also ensures that nothing is ‘lost in translation’. 
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